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Do I Feel Recovered?

sports recovery Oct 24, 2022

We hear this often, “I think I did a little too much.”

“I’m feel really tight all the time.”

“I feel fine when I’m working out, it’s just afterward.”

“I am sore all the time.”


Listen to your body, they say. What does that mean?


Here are some questions to ask yourself when choosing a particular weight or going into a workout. 

  1. How do I feel?
  2. How did I sleep last night?
  3. Have intention or a focus if you’re not feeling 100%. You showed up, you’re moving.
    1. I am going to work on my technique. 
      1. Work on tempo.
      2. Work on holds. 
      3. Work on breathing in the bottom or top position. 
      4. Work on using a variety of movements.
      5. Work on using the proper muscles. (Example, using your lats for pullups and not the traps)
    2. I am going to work on my consistency. 
      1. If doing timed rounds, try to finish around the same time
      2. If working on percentages, make sure the weight feels good. 
    3. I am going to work on my breathing. 
      1. Try nasal breathing, see how long you can maintain a pace without breathing through your mouth. 


Recovery can be just as important as training. More is not always better, but movement is good to promote blood flow and recovery. 

Looking for ways to maximize your recovery?

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