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Prepare Your Body and Pelvic Floor for Birth with Birth Rx

Be Prepared.

Everyone's pregnancy and birth is unique.

We help guide women through pre-natal and postpartum care.

What is Birth Rx?

Unique to You

  • An Individual Program Personalized for You
    • Exercise Modifications
      • First Trimester
      • Second Trimester 
      • Third Trimester 
    • Core and Pelvic Floor Specific 
  • Birth Planning
  • Postpartum Assessments
  • Pelvic Floor Muscle Exam
  • Initiate Return to Exercise and Activity

Is Birth Rx for me?

  • Pregnant (If is in first trimester, this is the most ideal time to start)
  • Active or want to stay active during pregnancy
  • Want to be proactive about your health

Frequently Asked Questions

Get Started

Reach out to our Las Vegas physical therapists to get started with pelvic floor strengthening pregnancy.

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